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About US

Ace Chiheya is a black African male psychologist practising in Sandton, Johannesburg. Mr Chiheya is Counselling psychologist, founder of Ntsika Psychologists and is a holder of the degrees MA Counselling Psychology (NWU), BA Hons Psychology (UNISA) and BA Social Work (UFH). He is registered with the Body of Health Funders (PR: 0905925), the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as an Independent Practice Counselling Psychologist (PS 014 4444) as well as the South African Council of Social Service Professions (SACSSP) as a Social Worker (10-29464).

As I grew up, I always wondered why people feel the way they feel, think the way they think, and behave the way they behave; and most importantly, how we differed in these aspects as individuals. Moreover, as a young boy, I was always commended for my instinctive drive to understand, help and develop others” – Ace Chiheya.

Ace’s journey on becoming a psychologist started with his undergraduate studies at the University of Fort Hare where he obtained his Bachelor of Social Work, majoring in Psychology. He registered with the SACSSP in 2010 and practised as a Social Worker for 6 years before leaving in 2017 to pursue his MA in Counselling Psychology with North-West University. During his practice as a Social Worker, Ace had experience and competencies in areas that include but not limited to individual and family cases, group work, community work as well as forensic and statutory work. During his MA studies, Ace did internship which exposed him to a variety of cases like individual, family, and group therapy as well as career assessment and development. His research focus was on positive psychology and wellbeing rather than the general bias towards psychological problems and disorders. The topic of his Masters dissertation is: The experiences of black male non-competitive bodybuilders with regard to wellbeing: a self-determination approach.

“I prefer to view clients as positioned on a wellness continuum, with my role being to move them towards better degrees of wellbeing rather than using terminology such as “sickness”, “illness” or “disorders”. ~ Ace Chiheya

Ntsika Psychologists, was started with the objectives to:

  • render effective and culturally valid psychological intervention.
  • excel in rendering psychological services that are tailor-made for individual needs.
  • be pioneers in taking psychological services ‘out of the office’ and conduct outreach and psychoeducational programs in the communities.
  • raise awareness on psychological issues and services vis-à-vis fighting the stigma that psychological consultation is for the individuals with mental disorders.

The practice is named Ntsika (from instika) a Xhosa word that means a pillar of strength. Therefore, Ntsika Psychologist is a source of strength, a source of hope, a pillar of support for individuals facing psychological challenges. Theoretic approaches used at the practice are mainly Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Psychodynamic, and Systemic Approach which is largely drawn from the years of experience as a Social Worker. The strength of Mr. Chiheya is his understanding of the African cultural beliefs which are knitted into the conceptualization of the client’s presenting difficulties. Cultural beliefs can be either a source of challenges or strength in many African families and communities. Moreover, Mr. Chiheya competently conducts therapy in English, Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele, Swati, Sotho, Tswana, Pedi, and Shona.