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Career Development

We offer effective and professional career guidance and development through evaluation, assessment and feedback to:

  • determine school readiness for children
  • establish cognitive competence, learning abilities and learning difficulties for all ages
  • guide Grade 9 learners with subject choices for Grade 10 through to Matric
  • help matric learners and post-matric individuals make informed choices about university or college qualifications to pursue
  • help learners with study and learning methods to improve their learning and performance
  • to guide university and college graduates in placing themselves in careers or jobs that suit their interest, aptitude, and competence
  • enhance performance in sports, music, and other arts
  • help in discovering and developing one’s skills and talents
  • manage career and academic problems.
  • assist individuals balance work/academic demands with social responsibilities

We make use of various psychometric tools, clinical observation and interviewing that helps establish psychological constructs and other contextual factors that determine or influence an individual’s subject choice, degree choice, career choice, career transition, work and academic performance.